About AARP

AARP is a United States-based interest group whose stated mission is "to empower people to choose how they live as they age". According to the organization, it had more than 38 million members as of 2018.

The Objective

AARP collaborated with SCAD and members of our team under the CLC umbrella to develop new strategies to increase local engagement through mobile communication.

UX/UI Design

We were informed that one of the main concerns with the current situation was the UX design of the local mobile site. We wanted to make it easier for current users to navigate but also keep in mind future users. In fact, we were told to keep in mind that we were designing for ourselves in the future.


To better understand the target and the brief, we researched how users were already engaging with AARP local and found out which elements weren’t meeting their needs. We then created three unique user identities, which gave us even information about what the user journey would look like.

After the initial ideation process, we build upon the strongest ideas. From our research, we narrowed down our ideas to three main focus areas of improvement:

Based on our research and what we gathered from reviews, the user experience for AARP mobile was a topic that had to be addressed. Though the current user experience wasn’t bad, it was a little difficult for the target audience to understand. We wanted to focus on simplifying the navigation, pushing more personalized content to the users, and lowering the bounce rate.

For services, we wanted to concentrate on increasing user engagement while utilizing new and emerging tech to connect with users more beneficially. The ideas in this section aim to improve the accessibility of AARP’s offers and make it easier for users to recognize the local content available.

The main goal for this section is to strengthen the AARP local community and to find new ways to increase event participation. We wanted to improve the connection between users with each other, as well as AARP as a company.

The User Experience Upgrade

Services & Notifications

To improve the ease of accessibility and provide their users with greater access to their notifications, we used emerging technologies to propose the following solutions:

Popularity in Target Audience

According to NetPop, the average age of an Amazon Alexa owner is 56.

Custom Alexa Skill

Amazon allows brands to create custome skills for Alexa, giving them the oppurtunity to interact with their customers.


The ability to create reminders for AARP events, suggestions for AARP events, access to discounts, sign-up features, point count, availing AARP offers, etc.

In-App Voice Commands

Simply speak into the mic to access any app features.

Easier Accessibility

Voice commands are easier to comprehend for seniors over typing out text commands or navigating complex menu options.

Alexa Integrated

Integrate the assistant with the Amazon Alexa skill to better serve the user through a multitude of devices.

Current App Integration

Integrate this feature with the current maps app installed on the user's device.


AARP event locations pop up as overlays on the users map application.

Real-Time Events

All events displayed will be events that are either currently occuring or occur within a reasonable amount of time.


Send location-based push messages to specific audiences the instant they approach or leave a geofence.

Event Attendance

Build highly accurate user profiles based on which events the user has attended.

Discount Offering

Send users discount and offer reminders based on their precise location.

Events & Community

The goal was to expand on the AARP local community program and improve the user involvement rate.

The three concepts for increasing engagement were:

  • Local Ambassador Program

    An engaging local ambassador is chosen per district to create & promote AARP events in their area.

  • Calendar Integration

    This gives the user the ability to sync their AARP events to their calendar and to invite their friends to AARP events.

  • Tiered Rewards Program

    A social driven three-tiered rewards program which creates incentives for active users and encourages community participation.

    • VIP

      Heavily involved, paying community members who can be considered for an AARP Local Ambassador position.

    • Insider

      Digitally and socially engaged paying members.

    • Subscriber

      Non-paying AARP members.